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Explain the difference between a fixed exchange rate and a floating exchange rate

January 20, 2011

1.      Demands of the Question This is a 10 mark question that is to be written in 20 minutes. This question does not require me to evaluate anything. To answer this question, I need to define the terms, draw diagrams and compare the different exchange rate systems. 2.      Definitions Fixed exchange rate: An exchange rate […]

Reflection: Data Response on Section 4

November 8, 2010

For this data response, I got a better grade than I did on the formative. However, I only went one mark up, so I didn’t improve as well as I could have. What I did wrong was not knowing the definition of “dumping”. I thought that it wouldn’t be on the data response, so I […]

Preliminary Thoughts on Free Trade and Protectionism

October 4, 2010

On a domestic level, I am for free trade and against protectionism. I think that firms within countries should be able to trade with other countries freely and without barriers. This way, they can conduct their own business and make a profit. Why should only the government be able to trade and not domestic firms. […]