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Best Economy in the World

April 18, 2010

By watching everyone’s presentation, I think that Switzerland is the best economy in the world. In my group’s presentation, we came to the conclusion that Switzerland was the best economy in the world. We based this on the economy’s stability, security, health care, and education. Also, by looking at other groups that chose Switzerland, I […]

Broad Social Goals

September 16, 2009

Today we went over different social goals in an economy. We learned that a lot of economies do not have all of their goals fulfilled that they need to acquire in order to have a good economy. We learned that a good economy needs to have economic efficiency, economi equity, economic freedom, economic growth, economic […]

Lehman Brothers Collapse

September 15, 2009

    On September 15th of last year, Lehman Brothers, which was the fourth largest investment bank in America, filed for bankruptcy. Last year, the bank said it would make “write downs of $700 million” to adjust the value of its investments in mortgaages and property. In the same year, the share prices went down 95% from […]

Human Development Index

September 7, 2009

       Economic growth is when an economy’s ability to to produce goods and services icreases. The economic growth is measured by the GDP of an economy. Economic development is when the standard of living for a population increases. Sustainable development is involves economic development, while preserving the environment. Mexico’s economic growth is unexpectedly growing, but […]